You’d Probably Be Too Intimidated To Go Up & Talk To These Sharp And Handsome Male Idols


Some people seem to have that certain aura about them that makes it difficult for people to easily approach them.

Among the many K-Pop idols out there, a few of them fall into this category. That look in their eyes and a vibe that seems to convey the message ‘I’m too cool for you.’

Of course, these idols are very amiable human beings once you realize how nice they are.

Check them out below!


Yes, he’s funny and very sweet. But you wouldn’t know that until you’ve seen him open up and exhibit his silly playful behavior. Why? Because not only is he incredibly hot, he has that signature look that will make you both fall in love and be afraid to approach him at the same time.

bts v


TaeYong (NCT)

It would be a dream to run into SM Entertainment’s iconic idol visual TaeYong. But at the same time, we’d have a hard time approaching him as well.

nct taeyong


Kwon HyunBin

He’s one of the idols whom netizens say looks better without double eyelids. In fact, it’s because of visuals like him that has brought the visual trend of having no double eyelids into South Korea.

kwon hyunbin



He looks adorable and yet so chic at the same time. JB’s personality actually might make it more difficult to approach him as well since he’s very smooth and well-composed all the time.

got7 jb


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