Yoon Yeo Jung And Han Ye Ri To Make Hollywood Debuts In Film With Steven Yeun


Yoon Yeo Jung and Han Ye Ri are going to debut in Hollywood!

The two actresses will be starring in the Hollywood movie “Minari” with Steven Yeun. Both of their agencies shared, “They will be staying in America and preparing for their first shoot of ‘Minari’ next week.”

“Minari” is a film about a Korean family who immigrated to the United States in the 1980s in order to chase the American dream. The film is based on the true story of Korean-American director Isaac Chung whose family moved to rural Arkansas. Issac Chung is known for movies such as “Munyurangabo” and “Abigail Harm.”

Steven Yeun will be an executive producer for the film and also play the leading male role, who is the father of the Korean family. The roles of Yoon Yeo Jung and Han Ye Ri are still unknown.

“Minari” is the work of American independent film production and distribution company A24, which is known for many high-quality films.

“Minari” will begin filming in July, and the release date is still pending.

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