Yoon Ji Oh Returns To Canada As Planned + Responds to Question About Lawsuit


On April 24, Yoon Ji Oh left South Korea to return to Canada.

Yoon Ji Oh is currently a witness in the late Jang Ja Yeon’s sexual assault case. Earlier this month, she announced plans to return to Canada in order to take care of her mother, who is battling breast cancer.

On the date of her departure, Yoon Ji Oh held a live broadcast on AfreecaTV and said that she was heading back to Toronto.

When she heard that reporters had gathered inside the Incheon International Airport, Yoon Ji Oh commented, “Are they trying to frame me like I’m running away? Am I a fugitive? I am a witness, and I’ve done all I could as a witness. Now I have to be my mother’s caretaker.”

At the airport, surrounded by security, Yoon Ji Oh told the reporters and photographers, “Am I a criminal? Are you kidding me? What are you doing?”

When a reporter asked her why she was leaving all of a sudden, she responded, “This is not sudden. My mother said she was sick on April 4. Is this the kind of behavior you show a witness?”

Another reporter asked her about the lawsuit that writer Kim Soo Min had filed against her and she replied, “I should countersue him, for libel.”

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