Watch: Woo Do Hwan, AOA’s Seolhyun, And Yang Se Jong Face Their Fate In Teaser For New Historical Drama


JTBC’s “My Country” (literal title) has released an emotional new preview!

“My Country” takes place between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty and tells the story of the conflicts that arise due to people’s desire for power and protection. The drama stars Woo Do Hwan, Yang Se Jong, AOA’s Seolhyun, and Jang Hyuk.

The teaser begins with Seo Hwi (played by Yang Se Jong) saying to Nam Sun Ho, “You said you’ll reverse your fate. Do it. If it’s you, I know you can. I want to see how far we can go. That way, we can take hold of this rotten world.”

On the other hand, Han Hee Jae (played by AOA’s Seolhyun) is asked, “Exactly what kind of relationship is it?” and she replies, “It’s destiny. Is that enough for an answer?” When she is sternly told to break it off, Han Hee Jae tearfully asks, “Is that how you lived?”

Over an intense battle, a bloodstained Lee Bang Won (played by Jang Hyuk) taunts another man by saying, “The new world is not your domain. It’s my father’s.” In another scene, Nam Sun Ho tells Lee Saek (played by Lee Seung Chul), “The events that occur from now on will be buried by my hand. You needn’t concern yourself with it.” The clip ends with a mysterious voice saying, “Everything starts with you.”

Check out the thrilling teaser below!

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“My Country” premieres October 4 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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