Watch: The Boyz Prepares For U.S. TV Debut In New Behind-The-Scenes Footage Shared By “Good Day New York” Anchor


The Boyz has officially made their U.S. television debut!

On July 8 local time, The Boyz appeared on the famous New York morning news show “Good Day New York,” where they chatted with the anchors about their performance at KCON 2019 NY this past weekend.

Kevin commented, “It was our first performance in America, let alone outside of Asia, and so we didn’t expect this kind of response, but the energy was absolutely amazing.”

He went on, “We actually covered two different songs as well as our own songs.” Explaining that they had covered BTS’s “Fire” and Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” Kevin added, “Both songs have a different genre than what we’re used to, but the fans seemed to like it.”

The Boyz also performed a snippet of their song “No Air” on the show.

In the days following the group’s guest appearance, “Good Day New York” anchor Rosanna Scotto took to Instagram to share some of her own behind-the-scenes footage of The Boyz. In addition to posting several cute group photos taken on set, she also shared a video of the group’s dress rehearsal for “No Air.”

On July 10, FOX5 also posted a video of The Boyz’s “Good Day New York” interview. Check it out below!

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You can also watch The Boyz’s performance of “No Air” on the morning show below:

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