Watch: Park Seo Joon Gets Warm Welcome From “Three Meals A Day” Cast In Preview


On September 27, tvN released a preview of the upcoming “Three Meals a Day – Mountain Village” episode with Park Seo Joon.

The preview starts off with Yum Jung Ah, Yoon Se Ah, and Park So Dam making healthy food like dried pollack soup, grilled deodeok (a type of mountain root), and eggplant rice.

The next morning, they are surprised by their fourth guest on the show, Park Seo Joon. Yum Jung Ah and Yoon Se Ah react in unison, staring in shock before exclaiming, “Oh my!”

Park So Dam comes out of the house and welcomes him with, “Oh, it’s Min Hyuk oppa.” Park Seo Joon responds, “Ki Jung, have you been doing well?” These are a reference to their character names in the film “Parasite.”

Yum Jung Ah then asks him if he’s eaten breakfast. When he says no, the other cast members start rushing to give him a meal despite his protests.

Park Seo Joon’s appearance on “Three Meals a Day – Mountain Village” will begin in the October 4 episode.

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