Watch: Lee Hi And iKON’s B.I Talk More About “No One” And The New MV In Making Video


In a new behind-the-scenes reel for her “No One” music video, Lee Hi talked more about the concept for the song.

She introduced the track as an homage to the song of the same name by Han Young Ae and said, “There are instruments used that I’ve never had in my songs before, so it has a fresh sound.” She explained that the concept of the video is someone who thinks they are human and acts human, but is actually a cat.

iKON’s B.I wrote the lyrics for the song, and while on set for the MV shoot, he said, “[Lee Hi] helped me out during a survival program, so I’m just happy that I can help her out in this small way. I really put a lot of thought into the lyrics.”

On the role he plays in the music video, he said, “I’m like a young prince that’s living by himself on a planet and is on a search for someone to dispel his loneliness, but doesn’t succeed.”

“We filmed a variety of concepts, and I did my best not to be a hindrance. The energy was good.”

Lee Hi went on to talk about the choreography for the song, shyly doing the dance for the camera. “I’m practicing whenever I have the time during breaks so I don’t forget the dance.”

Closing, the singer said she will be doing a lot of promotions moving forward and asked for fans’ continued support and love.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video:

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