Watch: Jun So Min And HaHa Hilariously Strip Lee Kwang Soo To Win A Game On “Running Man”


Jun So Min and HaHa took the shirt off Lee Kwang Soo’s back—literally—on the latest episode of “Running Man”!

For its October 6 broadcast, the SBS variety show celebrated Hangeul Day (an annual holiday honoring the Korean alphabet) with a fun array of missions. One of the missions required each team to open a Korean dictionary to a random page, choose one of the words listed on that page, and then locate the physical object described by that word as quickly as possible.

Song Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin, and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany impressed the other teams by successfully finding and bringing a dog to the filming location in their first round—then managing to return with an actual car during their second.

In another round of the game, Jun So Min, HaHa, and gugudan’s Mina ended up choosing the word “undershirt.” After some quick thinking, Jun So Min rushed over to the opposing team and began stripping Lee Kwang Soo with HaHa’s help.

In spite of Lee Kwang Soo’s bewildered protests, the two “Running Man” members successfully removed his undershirt and held it up to prove their victory—leaving Lee Kwang Soo to cover himself and run away in embarrassment.

Check out the clip of Jun So Min and HaHa stripping Lee Kwang Soo below! (The action starts at 1:50 in the video.)

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You can also watch the full episode of “Running Man” here:

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