Watch: IU And Yeo Jin Goo Excite Drama Fans With 1st Appearance In “Hotel Del Luna” Teaser


IU And Yeo Jin Goo’s upcoming tvN drama “Hotel del Luna” has revealed a second teaser!

Written by the famous Hong Sisters, the drama stars IU as Jang Man Wol, the beautiful but greedy CEO of Hotel del Luna who has been stuck there for the past millennium after an accident, and Yeo Jin Goo as Goo Chan Sung, the new manager of the hotel. Jang Man Wol can only escape the hotel if she finds someone who has committed a crime worse than hers, but she cannot remember what her crime was. In the meantime, she must run this hotel, whose guests are solely ghosts.

The teaser begins with the night view of Seoul and a giant moon rising in the sky. With his hair styled neatly, Yeo Jin Goo makes his appearance against the backdrop of Hotel del Luna. Hotel del Luna only shows itself to wandering ghosts, so it remains a mystery as to how the living human Goo Chan Sung found himself working as a hotelier there. IU appears next, looking like the exact depiction of an elegant and beautiful owner of a hotel for ghosts.

The drama’s producers shared, “We’ve revealed with impact a glimpse of actors IU and Yeo Jin Goo that our viewers have all been waiting for. Their chemistry is superb to the extent that the staff on set are mesmerized by them. Please look forward to the videos that will be revealed one by one. In July, we will bring you a special and entertaining story that you’ll find to be right up your alley. We ask for your interest.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the story of a hotel for ghosts was the initial idea behind the Hong Sisters’ 2013 drama “Master’s Sun.” Six years later, the story will be presented on its own as the drama “Hotel del Luna.”

Check out the teaser here:

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Start watching “Master’s Sun” below while you wait for “Hotel del Luna” to premiere in July!

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