Watch: Henry And Ki An 84 Surprise Sung Hoon On His Drama Set In Preview For “I Live Alone”


On June 15, MBC released a preview of the next episode of “I Live Alone” featuring Namgoong Min, Henry, Ki An 84, and Sung Hoon!

Continuing from the previous episode, Namgoong Min shows the results of his preparation for the staff gathering at his home.

The preview then cuts to Henry and Ki An 84 slicing fruits and vegetables on the floor. Henry explains, “Sung Hoon is currently filming a drama,” and Ki An 84 adds, “We thought he might like it if we cheered him on.”

They then hand food and drinks to the cast and staff from a food truck when a staff member suddenly asks for Henry and Ki An 84 to make a cameo appearance. Later, they try their best to surprise Sung Hoon in his car.

Catch this episode of “I Live Alone” when it airs on June 21 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

Watch the preview below:

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