Watch: GOT7 Unanimously Names The Member Most Likely To Embarrass Himself In Front Of A Crush, Then Imitates Him


GOT7 has revealed which member is the most prone to embarrassing himself in front of his crush!

In a newly released interview with Billboard, GOT7 played a game in which they dished on their fellow members. The idols proved just how well they knew each other by coming to a unanimous answer on more than one question—for example, all seven members (including Jackson!) picked Jackson as the member most likely to forget song lyrics.

All seven members of GOT7 also unanimously agreed that JB was the member most likely to embarrass himself in front of a crush—even JB himself. Mark and Jackson explained in Korean, “There’s someone in our group who goes overboard.” The uncontrollable fits of giggling that ensued—as well as BamBam and Mark’s insistence that Jackson reenact JB’s humiliating behavior—seemed to indicate that their answer was based on real life, with Jackson reassuring JB by saying, “It’s cute, it’s cute.”

Although JB then gave Jackson the go-ahead to imitate him, the rapper appeared to be at a loss for what to do, asking, “What does he do?” Mark came to the rescue by whispering in Korean, “Dance, dance!” Jackson and Jinyoung immediately burst out laughing, and JB responded, “Ohh, that.”

Jackson then proceeded to crack up all of the other members by doing his best impersonation of JB dancing in front of his crush.

Check out Jackson’s hilarious imitation of JB—and GOT7’s answers to the other questions—in the clip below! (The group begins talking about JB at 0:37 in the video.)

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