Watch: BTS Asks For Help In Debuting Once Again For BTS WORLD In Making Video


BTS WORLD has released a making video going behind the scenes of their interactive game!

The video starts with the caption, “BTS has disappeared. Go back to 2012 to make them debut!” The video then shows Jimin sharing, “Above all, since it’s a project we’ve been preparing for a long time, I’ve been looking forward to it a lot.”

RM also says, “It seems as if they did the preliminary survey very thoroughly. The game includes various sides of ourselves,” while Jungkook shares, “We’ve filmed a lot, so I wonder how it will change and look in the game.” The video then jumps to the caption, “A new world which hasn’t been experienced before is opened.”

Along with the footage of BTS filming, the CEO of Takeone Company Corp states, “BTS WORLD is a game that shows BTS’s members’ charms as [players] communicate with them and help them grow.” The vice president in charge of Netmarble also explains that BTS WORLD is the first official content created that fans can enjoy globally in various languages.

Furthermore, the storywriter for the game shares, “While the story contains some fiction, we focused on working on including BTS’s actual personalities and distinct characteristics in a charming manner.” Meanwhile, the video production PD shares, “In Jungkook’s case, he studied the video contents from the martial arts team before filming, so he portrayed the cool action scenes very well.”

The people behind BTS WORLD continue to describe their efforts in creating something that’s more than just a game as they show clips of BTS filming with the production team complimenting them.

In the final scenes of the making video, RM pleads, “Everyone, we have to debut once again,” while V explains, “Please look forward to it a lot since there are two jobs.” Jimin adds, “I also want to try J-Hope’s story,” while Suga says, “I’ll play as well, so everyone please also have fun enjoying [the game].” Jin asks, “Everyone, please raise us well,” while sending a flying kiss, and J-Hope says, “Praise makes J-Hope dance.” Finally, Jungkook asks, “Are there levels in the game? Highest level! Highest level!”

Watch the full making video below!

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