There Are Over 450,000 Fan Signatures In Favor Of B.I Staying In iKON


After a report released by Dispatch concerning former iKON member B.I attempting to purchase drugs, the K-Pop community has been in turmoil once again.

YG Entertainment announced the termination of his contract, ultimately leading to his departure from iKON as well.

Many fans at the moment believe that B.I has done nothing wrong. The main reason for this is because at the moment, B.I has stated that he has actually never taken any drugs. The rapper stated in his apology that he made attempts to purchase drugs in the past because he was going through difficult moments in his life.

A petition on with the title “HANBIN SHOULDN’T HAVE TO LEAVE IKON” at the moment has over 450,000 signatures from fans who continue to defend B.I.

ikon bi

How YG Entertainment will respond to this petition remains yet to be seen.

Stay tuned for updates!

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