The Stray Kids Member JYP Adores The Most Voted By Group Members


JYP Entertainment’s boy group Stray Kids, now pretty much having shed out of their rookie status after literally killing the iTunes charts in several countries with every release, recently sat down for an interview with Ellie Lee on iHeartRadio.

The idols discussed various things, and among them was which one of them was JYP Entertainment founder and producer Park JinYoung’s most favorite member.

And the boys actually didn’t even think for a second as they all unanimously pointed to one specific member.

Yes, it was none other than BangChan, who sported a gorgeous blonde hair while looking quite sharp in a striped shirt.

BangChan actually had an explanation to what the members were saying, as he felt that he wasn’t JYP’s favorite, but instead the member who JYP was probably just most familiar and well-acquainted with since he has been under the agency for approximately ten years.

And BangChan being known as JYP’s favorite actually hasn’t been that big of a secret if you think about it as he even once declared himself “JYP’s son”.

bang chan


– “I’m JYP’s son” –

You can check out the full interview below which also includes details about Stray Kids’ US tour and more!

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