The K-Pop Idol Who Was Wanted By Seven Entertainment Agencies


With perfect visuals, character, and talent, one particular K-Pop idol has been approached by a total of seven entertainment agencies as they instantly saw qualities of a star in him.

Yes, you heard that right. A total of seven K-Pop agencies, JYP, Cube, Starship, Woollim, FNC, TS, and of course, Big Hit Entertainment.

So who is this idol?

None other than BTS‘s “golden maknae” JungKook.



Given that JungKook chose to stick with Big Hit Entertainment, which was a whole lot smaller than the rest of the entertainment agencies, it really couldn’t have been a coincidence that he ended up in Big Hit and also that BTS went on to become the world’s greatest idol group to exist.

Which is why group member Suga has stated before that JungKook ending up in Big Hit Entertainment was not something that happened just by chance but probably God’s will.

Oh, and ARMY, this will have you squealing as JungKook’s reason for choosing Big Hit Entertainment is even more interesting. When asked why he chose Big Hit Entertainment, he stated that he found the group’s leader RM very charismatic and cool, ultimately causing him to choose Big Hit.

bts rm jungkook


And if you know your BTS history well, you’d also know that there were also moments that actually caused a crisis as JungKook was even contemplating on leaving the group earlier on when they were not as famous as they are now. JungKook actually thought of leaving BTS to become a professional dancer.

Of course, we all know that fate doesn’t let anyone, not even one of the biggest K-Pop idols in the world to change their destiny.

JiMin actually played a big role in this. According to legend, he bought JungKook ice cream and told him not to leave.

Now isn’t that the most epic and most adorable K-Pop idol story you have ever heard?

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