Ten Uploads A SuperM Picture That Shows Teamwork On His Individual Instagram


WayV and SuperM‘s Ten and Lucas recently opened their individual Instagrams.

You can follow Ten here: tenlee_1001  and for Lucas here: lucas_xx444. As for Oct. 11, both have already reached an impressive amount of followers with around 477k for Ten and 397k for Lucas. Many people have been waiting for their accounts to be available again and for new pictures.

On Oct. 10, Ten posted this beautiful picture of the members of SuperM with the caption “BYE L.A CAN’T WAIT TO COME BACK”.

The members are seen rounding their hands around doing the SuperM sign with the same rings and black clothes.

lucas instagram, ten instagram

Ten’s Instagram

Fans love the picture and BaekHyun even liked the picture.

Fans and netizens commented “He’s back”, “I love you”, “Stay healthy”. “Guess who’s hand is who”, “I am proud of you”, “Your guys are amazing”, “Hope you had fun in LA”, “Yas”, “I am about to cry now”, etc.

Are you following Ten and Lucas? Do you like Ten’s picture?

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