SuperM Reveals Their Favorite Starbucks Beverages


SM Entertainment’s most recent project group SuperM, also known as the Avengers of K-Pop, enjoy coffee and drinks from Starbucks like most of us.

And the interesting thing is that the members’ choice of favorite beverages actually kind of does reflect their character as well. From bold and strong to soft and milky, each members’ favorite drinks match them quite well.

You can check them out below!

Ten – Caffe Americano

nct ten


TaeYong – Strawberry Acai Refresher

nct taeyong


Lucas – Java Chip Frappuccino

nct lucas


Kai – Caffe Latte

exo kai


Mark – Mocha Frappuccino (No Whip)

nct mark

An hour ago

TaeMin – Iced Americano

shinee taemin


BaekHyun – Iced Americano

exo baekhyun

SM Entertainment

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