SuperM Proves Their Title Worthy As Global Ambassadors Of Korean Air


It is not a common scene in the K-Pop industry that K-Pop idols get the chance to become global ambassadors of an international airline. However, SuperM had just proved that they are worthy for that title.

A couple of days ago, SuperM released a safety video together with Korean Air and if you have yet to check it out, you can do so below.

It was also later announced that they are officially the global ambassadors for Korean Air!

They had also later released a behind the scene video of them visiting the Korean Air airplane.

Many of their fans were amazed by how they were chosen to become the global ambassadors and even more surprised to see that they have a airplane with their faces printed on it!

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Korean Air

SuperM will be releasing their project song ‘Let’s go gverywhere’ on Nov. 18,

Are you also amazed by the scale of the collaboration between Korean Air and SuperM?

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