SuperM Debuts No.1 On Billboard 200 But Some People Are Asking Questions


Some netizens believe that SuperM reaching number one on Billboard 200 with their debut was nothing to congratulate.

They feel that the number one ranking doesn’t reflect how many people actually listen to the group’s music.

According to BuzzFeed:

“Those numbers are practically unheard of in an era almost entirely dominated by streaming. Every 1,500 song streams counts as the equivalent to one sale, meaning SuperM’s seven-track album was streamed around 4.9 million times over the course of its first week.

The No. 2 spot went to Summer Walker, whose debut album Over It earned 134,000 equivalent units — only 14,000 of which came from album sales. In comparison to SuperM, Over It gained almost 155 million streams in its first week.”

In addition there have also been some fans of SuperM pointing out that the promotions through text were just too much.

But one netizens also pointed out that bundles have been a common practice used among many artists and their agencies as well.

How do you feel about SuperM’s recent number one spot on Billboard 200?

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