Sung Hoon, Han Hye Jin, And “I Live Alone” Cast Gather To Celebrate Park Na Rae’s Birthday


Several members of the “I Live Alone” family came together for an early birthday celebration!

On October 13, Park Na Rae revealed on Instagram that her “I Live Alone” co-stars Sung Hoon, Han Hye Jin, Lee Si Eon, and Kian 84 had gotten together to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

The comedienne shared two cute photos of the group and wrote in the hashtags, “I Live Alone,” “Narae Bar,” “gathering,” “birthday party,” “family,” and “I love you.” She jokingly added in the caption, “Sung Hoon oppa, please stop eating when we take photos… please… [Lee Si Eon], I’ll only wear the birthday gift you got me when I sleep…”

Han Hye Jin also posted photos from the gathering on her own Instagram account and wrote, “My rainbow.” She added in the hashtags, “Happy early birthday to CEO Park,” “A happy weekend,” and “Everyone, please be happy too.”

Both Sung Hoon and Lee Si Eon posted the same photos of the birthday party on their Instagram accounts as well.

Watch the cast of “I Live Alone” on the latest episode of the variety show below!

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