SF9’s YoungBin Supports A Fan Being Looked Down By Her Friend With An Original Soft Burn


SF9‘s YoungBin found an original way to support and relieve the heart of one FANTASY being mistreated by her friend with an original curse.

The idol held his V-Live broadcast called “Bin, us” (“빈, us”) every Monday. The goal of the broadcast is to listen to fans’ worries and stress and to heal them with solutions and by laying soft burns if needed.

On this week “Bin, Us” (Oct. 28), YoungBin received various stories from fans. Among them, one fan was telling the hard time she was having with her friend – not close one – who keeps on looking down on her and lower her confidence.

That friend keeps on making negative comments about her looks saying that she was “ugly” and that “If it was me, I could never date you with this face.”

The fan mentioned that she has low esteem about her looks and that she feels hurt by that friend’s words. At the end of her story, she asked for a soft curse toward that friend from YoungBin.

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YoungBin commented that these words were harsh and that it was bad to say that between friends even if it is a joke. He explained that it is better to not say words that could give pain.

He also advised that it would be good for the fan to learn how to just listen and let these words away without feeling any pains. YoungBin mentioned that most of the time these types of words are made without thoughts from the person who made them but are largely felt by the receiver of these words.

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For the soft burn, he chose an original one. Since she had been looking down on her looks, he chose a curse adequate to it.

To sum up his curse: she would go to a blind date and like the person she is meeting. She would be laughing brightly but she would have red pepper powder in the middle of her teeth.

He commented that it would be before they ate anything as it could happen to anyone while eating. So the person of the blind date would be like …

You can watch that section at around 44:40.

YoungBin holds his healing V-Live every Monday, 10:30 pm KST for 1 hour on SF9 V-Live Channel.

YoungBin sf9, YoungBin, YoungBin vlive

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Do you find his curse original?

*Note: The fan and the friend were translated as women but note that it could be men too.

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