SF9’s DaWon Makes Everyone Burst Into Laughter & Breaks His Own Record With 2019 Halloween V-Live


SF9‘s DaWon is ready to do everything to make his fans laugh.

Many have been looking forward to DaWon’s 2019 Halloween costume and his special V-Live. This year too DaWon made a courageous choice for his costume. It was just perfect and hilarious.

It was on Nov. 1 that DaWon revealed this year’s costume. It was Yondu from “Guardians of the Galaxy”. He paid special attention to the set and props and even talked like Yondu using the ‘universe’ vocabulary.

dawon sf9, dawon halloween, dawon vlive

SF9 Official

dawon sf9, dawon halloween, dawon vlive

SF9 V-Live

Here is the original Yondu for those of you who might not know.

dawon sf9, dawon halloween, dawon vlive


One of the funniest moments of the V-Live might have been him looking for a mosquito with his arrow, pretending to be fellow member Chani to new viewers of the show and panic when he heard the show was on Naver’s main page. Many people were watching the show and it was not easy to “sacrifice” himself to make people laugh.

With this V-Live, DaWon broke his own V-Live records in terms of viewers and hearts. When the broadcast ended the video had more than 30 million likes and around 118 000 views. Since then numbers keep on increasing.

dawon sf9, dawon halloween, dawon vlive

SF9 V-Live

Moreover, MPD official Twitter account even commented on DaWon’s pictures: “Today, MPD also was watching the V-Live #SorryForWatching #ItWasOnTheMainPage #GoodSenseForPlaylist”. On that day, DaWon selected the songs that were performed on SF9 debut day on “Mcountdown”.

DaWon later kept his promise and danced to ‘Enough’ with his costume on and with YoungBin. It is worth to have a look at it, check below.

For those of you who have yet to check the show, check it below.

Were you impressed by DaWon’s transformation?

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