Senior Officer And Former CEO Of Yuri Holdings Banned From Leaving The Country


Senior Superintendent Yoon and Yoo In Suk, the former CEO of Yuri Holdings, have both been banned from leaving the country.

On March 19, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division revealed that they are in the process of booking Chief Superintendent Kim, the wife of Senior Superintendent Yoon, who is under suspicion of corruption ties with Seungri.

Choi Jong Hoon previously stated that he gave Yoon’s wife VIP tickets to a K-pop concert in Malaysia and played golf with Yoon’s wife, Yoon, former CEO of Yuri Holdings Yoo In Suk, and actress Park Han Byul. The police are still investigating the details behind the golf meeting and the K-pop concert ticket exchange. The police requested a search warrant for Yoon’s bank account statements on March 18.

In July 2016, Seungri opened a club named Monkey Museum in the Gangnam district of Seoul. Monkey Museum received criminal punishment and a fine for violating the Food Sanitation Act before. The police are now investigating whether or not this was covered up by the police for a bribe. The police have banned Yoon and former CEO Yoo from leaving the country because they are the two main people who are key to this investigation.

Mr. Kim, the man who spoke up about being allegedly assaulted at Burning Sun, arrived at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency this morning to be investigated after being accused of defamation.

Also, on March 19, Burning Sun’s CEO Lee Moon Ho appeared at the Seoul Central District Court for questioning. The club’s MD (merchandiser, also known as promoter), a Chinese woman who goes by the nickname “Anna,” came to the police for a second interrogation. She has been under suspicion of selling drugs to VIP customers at Burning Sun.

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