Prosecution Demands Prison Sentence For Microdot’s Parents In Fraud Case


On September 10, the final trial for Microdot’s parents’ fraud case was held at the Jecheon Branch of the Cheongju District Court.

The case was initially forwarded to the prosecution back in April. At that time, the police recommended indictment for eight cases totalling 320 million won (about $270,000) in damages. Additional investigation by the prosecution has upped the total to 400 million won (about $336,000).

Microdot’s parents owned a dairy farm in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province. In 1998, they defrauded 14 people, including relatives and friends, of huge amounts of money before fleeing to New Zealand. In 2018, some of these people came forward online and the issue became public knowledge, leading to Microdot’s parents returning to South Korea and being detained by the police.

Microdot and his parents reached settlements with some of the victims back in February. His parents were also criticized for their words about the issue upon their return to South Korea in April.

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