NASA Adds 3 BTS Songs To Its Playlist For Next Voyage To The Moon


BTS has made it onto NASA’s official “Moon Tunes” playlist!

NASA is currently gearing up for its next mission to the moon, which is scheduled to take place by 2024, and it is asking for help curating a playlist for the journey (which will take approximately 3 days each way).

Just one day after submissions opened on June 3, NASA’s Johnson Space Center announced on its official Twitter account that after receiving an impressive number of BTS and RM submissions, they would be adding BTS’s “Mikrokosmos” and “134340” to the playlist, along with RM’s solo track “Moonchild.”

Notably, the lyrics of all three songs are heavily related to outer space—”Moonchild” and “Mikrokosmos” sing of the moon and the stars respectively, while “134340” takes its title from the official number assigned to Pluto after it was relegated to the status of dwarf planet in 2006.

After accepting submissions from June 3 to 28, NASA will officially launch its new “Moon Tunes” playlist during a live show on its Third Rock Radio on July 13 and 14.

Congratulations to BTS and RM!

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