Most Popular Super M Members According To Recent Album Sales


SM Entertainment’s latest ambitious project, known as Super M, may be a group and topic that many fans feel ambivalent about at the moment.

But the group members themselves, all originally members of highly popular and successful groups like EXO, NCT, and SHINee, no doubt continue to rise in popularity.

The album sales of each individual members were recentlh revealed on September 7th.

You can check out which member had the highest number of sales below!

super m


10th – Ten

17th – TaeYong

18th – TaeMin

21st – Mark

23rd – Kai

24th – Group

26th – Lucas

30th – BaekHyun

South Korean netizens have also stated that because domestic EXO-L’s are currently boycotting Super M, it may explain why BaekHyun came in last.

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