MONSTA X’s KiHyun & “Obsessed” SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu Make Fans Laugh With Messages


Fans love MonTeen (MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN) friendship!

On Sept. 10, KiHyun (MONSTA X) posted screenshots of messages he exchanged with his friend MinGyu (SEVENTEEN) with for title: “MinGyu who is obsessed [with me]”. In the messages, KiHyun was asking for SeungKwan (SEVENTEEN)’s phone number.

Here are their hilarious interactions and the cute jealousy of MinGyu.

KiHyun: Give me SeungKwan’s number

MinGyu: Yo ~~~~

MinGyu: Why SeungKwan’s number why!!

MinGyu: It’s been a while since you contact me

MinGyu: Why

MinGyu: Why why

MinGyu: Whyyy why

MinGyu: Why are you not looking for me

MinGyu: !!!!

KiHyun: Ah

KiHyun: You are doing great, right?????

KiHyun: Please can you give me SeungKwan’s number hahahahahaha

MinGyu: ㅡㅡ [used when you are angry or feeling bad] kkkk

MinGyu: You’re the funny type Hyung

MinGyu: This hyung?

MinGyu: I don’t want [to give it to you]

monsta x seventeen, kihyun mingyu, kihyun seungkwan

Idol Issue

monsta x seventeen, kihyun mingyu, kihyun seungkwan

Idol Issue

KiHyun also mentioned that he received the authorization of MinGyu to post the screenshot of their discussion.

Online fans commented “Glad we’re all having a KiHyun & MinGyu moment”, “KiHyun and MinGyu literally are cat and dog in Monteen”, “I also want to know KiHyun’s number”, “Cute”, “The both of them are just so adorable”, “MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN interaction will always be cute”, “Poor MinGyu hahaha”, “This is so funny”, and more.

Many are hoping to see more of their interaction soon.

Do you also like their interaction?

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