MONSTA X WonHo Removed From Starship Profile Angers MONBEBE


MONBEBE are currently even more upset than they were before after discovering that former MONSTA X member WonHo has been completely removed from Starship Entertainment’s official website.

WonHo left the group after being accused by Jung DaEun of borrowing money and not paying it back despite being asked about it on multiple occasions. In addition, Jung DaEun also claimed that WonHo stole stuff and sold them online.

Ever since WonHo left the group, MONBEBE have been doing everything they can to convince Starship Entertainment to bring him back on board.

However, now that his profile has been completely removed from the agency’s official artist page, it is now certain that WonHo is no longer a part of MONSTA X.

This would naturally be devastating for fans and they have been making it quite clear that they are on Twitter.

Below are some of the reactions from fans.

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