MASC ‘New Beginning’ Europe Tour Announced


MASC ‘New Beginning’ Europe Tour Announced

Beyond Ent have announced that MASC will be performing various concerts and holding workshops in various cities across Europe in the summer of 2019

MASC were formed in the summer of 2016 by J Planet Entertainment.  Although their short career has had a certain amount of controversy and members leaving and joining the group, they have successfully maintained a strong fan base across the world.  Their debut single Strange from the album of the same name has a stunning choreography and a great mix of melodic lyrics and strong rap components. Follow-up singles like Do It and Tina continued in the same vibe with different emphasis on the rap or singing components, but always with a catchy beat that is difficult to stay still to.

No doubt the concert will be a non-stop, up-beat experience showcasing this groups unique skills and talents.

The group is going to stop in the following cities:

Warsaw, Poland
Workshop: 21 June 2019
Concert: 22 June 2019

Prague, Czech Republic
Concert: 23 June 2019
Workshop: 24 June 2019

Oslo, Norway
Workshop: 25 June 2019
Concert: 26 June 2019

London, United Kingdom
Concert: 28 June 2019

Paris, France
Concert: 29 June 2019

Cologne, Germany
Concert: 30 June 2019

The venues for the events are yet to be announced, but the tickets are going on sale on 8th May for all venues. You can find more information here.

Source: Beyond Ent.
Written by: Katie Mack
Edited by: Terry ALS




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