Lai Kuanlin and Pentagon’s Wooseok drop teasers for their upcoming subunit debut!


Lai Kuanlin and Pentagon’s Wooseok drop teasers for their upcoming subunit debut!


Cube Entertainment has released a multitude of teasers for Wooseok x Kuanlin‘s upcoming subunit debut with ‘9801‘. Check them out below!

The image shows two television sets stacked on top of one another. Each TV set features a different member of the subunit.

Soon, they will release a MV teaser for each member, audio snippet, second batch of concept photos and track list. Their online release is on the 11th of March while the offline release is scheduled for the next day.

The album contains five tracks in total. The second track ‘Hypey‘ features GOT7 member Jackson Wang and BOYTOY. They also participated in composing, writing the lyrics and arranging the track.

Wooseok and Kuanlin look sharp in the concept images as they pose against a teal and pink background.

Cube Entertainment has announced that former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin and Wooseok from Pentagon will be the members of their new unit. This comes as no surprise to fans since Wooseok and Kuanlin are close friends. Wooseok openly supported Kuanlin when he appeared on the second season of ‘Produce 101‘.

Wooseok and Kuanlin will release their first mini album ‘9801‘ on March 11th. “98” is the year that Wooseok was born, and “01” is the year that Kuanlin was born in. Stay tuned!

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