Kim MyungSoo (L) First V-Live, Talks About Upcoming Drama & Fan Meeting


INFINITE‘s L also known as Kim MyungSoo opened his V-Live channel and greeted his fans with a first broadcast on Nov. 5. Many have been looking forward to seeing him on V-Live.

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Kim MyungSoo V-Live

During the live broadcast, he talked about various things.

First, that he was preparing for fan meeting to be held not only in Korea but also overseas. The rose he was holding was for the pictures/videos of the fan meeting. Fans were excited at the news. There will be soon more official announcement.

Secondly, he talked about his upcoming drama “Welcome“. The drama is based on the webtoon of the same title and will air in March on KBS. He is acting with Shin YeEun and mentioned that they just started with the filming.

Since in the drama, he will act as HongJo a cat transforming into a man, he explained that he gets inspiration for his acting from his cat Byul. Kim MyungSoo also mentioned that they will be more official releases about the drama soon.

Kim MyungSoo also talked about his daily life and read comments from fans. He also ended the live broadcast by promising that he will come often on V-Live and will offer various content to fans through radio, social media, and more.

You can watch his first V-Live below and subscribe to his V-Live channel here.

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