Kim Min Kyu Talks About His “Produce X 101” Experience, New Hobbies, And More


Kim Min Kyu opened up about his experience on “Produce X 101” in an interview with Grazia!

The Mnet survival program represented a new challenge for the Jellyfish trainee. He said about the show, “As a new trainee, I was just happy to be on stage. I thought that if I appeared on the show, I could stand on stage and experience new things that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, so I was excited.”

During the first ranking announcement, Kim Min Kyu achieved No. 1 and continued to rank highly throughout his time on the show. He attributes his success to his hard work and competitive nature.

He stated, “I think people looked on me kindly when I worked hard and stayed true to myself. I don’t think I received love because I was better than others or good at something that made me stand out. I just had the mindset that I would work two or three times harder whenever I fell behind. If someone beside me began to dance, I would dance even longer. Because of my competitiveness, I gave it my all.”

Kim Min Kyu also shared that his recent hobby is writing reviews of movies. He explained, “I normally like organizing and analyzing things. These days, I’ve gotten into writing movie reviews. I study films by noting down my thoughts and including factors like the actors and director, ratings, and audience numbers in review format. It’s fun because there are a lot of roles in dramas and movies that let me experience things I never have before.”

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