Kim Go Eun Broadens Portfolio With Her Role In South Korea’s First Musical Film


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By  | June 12, 2019

Notching another project, Kim Go Eun officially confirms newest movie.

It has not been long since Kim Go Eun bagged the female lead role of highly-anticipated drama with Lee Min Ho. Clinching her next work, she picks her big screen venture through Hero.

Kim Go Eun

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Based on the large-scale theater play “Hero”, it traverses the story of Ahn Jung Geun, a Korean independence activist in the Japanese colonial period. On a mission to kill Ito Hirobomi, the Japanese-resident General in Korea, he joins resistance fighters in Russia to carry out the assassination plan in 1909.

Filming is reportedly taking place in the second half of the year. The production team is keen to collect important information pertinent for the historical film. Furthermore, it is in the process of completing a strong cast for the project.

In her upcoming film, Kim suits up for the role of a court lady who witnesses the death of Empress Myeongseong. Upon its announcement, Hero has generated immense attention. That’s because Jung Sung Hwa, who brought to life Ahn Jung Geun’s life in the theater, was cast to portray the role on its film version.

Promising an upgraded stage through location shoots in Russia, China and Japan, the musical vibe of Hero is set to showcase Kim’s depth as an actress.

Additionally, Kim will also meet moviegoers for her upcoming period film Yoo Yeol’s Music Album this summer.

In May, her appearance to reunion drama of star writer Kim Eun Sook and Lee Min Ho was officially announced. She is set to portray dual roles in the big-scale production following a parallel world theme.

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Debuted in 2012 in the film A Muse, Kim has been mostly working on film projects, before her mainstream success in tvN drama Goblin.

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