KARD BM Tries To Order Room Service Without Revealing His Hotel Room Number To Fans During Live Stream But Fails


K-Pop group KARD were recently in Germany to perform for fans.

At one point, BM held a live streaming session with fans and soon became thirsty. Apparently, there wasn’t any water or drinks inside his hotel room, so he resorted to calling room service.

But there was just one problem. He was already in the middle of a live streaming session with fans, and he had to figure out a way to order room service without saying his room number out loud.

But BM hilariously switches the broadcast mode to “voice only” while he probably meant to click the “mute” button.

BM then began calling himself stupid for making the silly little mistake and requested that fans forget about what they just heard. BM must have been really busy and tired from his tour schedule. Hopefully, he’ll figure out how to use the mute button next time!

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