K-Pop Groups That Shouldn’t Have Disbanded


It’s always a sad sight to see when we see idol groups disband. The look on their faces when they say goodbye to fans is always a heart-wrenching moment as we know how much their career means to them.

Over the years, we’ve seen several groups disband, and for the most part, they were groups that were high in demand. Unfortunately, other factors including politics, differing career paths, and etc. all play a part in ultimately deciding whether a group will continue as one or not.

Below are a few groups that we feel shouldn’t have disbanded.


This group was perfect as all the members had great chemistry with each other as if they were matches made in heaven. The reason for their disbandment has been a sensitive subject among fans as the group has gone through tough moments throughout their career. Before, BLACKPINK, they were pretty much the female version of BIGBANG.


YG Entertainment


They were probably one of K-Pop’s most iconic ‘sexy’ concept girl group ever. Their stage performances were something that fans and non fans always looked forward to as it always had shock elements and well-crafted choreography.


Starship Entertainment


They might have had a time limit to their career, but they were a group that had the chances to continue, despite the short time period of their contracts. High in demand and fresh into the scene, we feel that JBJ had so much more to offer.



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