Jun So Min Teases Lee Kwang Soo + Kim Jong Kook Teases Jun So Min With Hilarious Instagram Posts


Jun So Min and Kim Jong Kook took turns teasing their “Running Man” co-stars with savage posts on Instagram!

It all started earlier this week, when Jun So Min shared several photos of herself that Kim Jong Kook had taken during a shoot for SBS’s “Running Man.” She happily wrote in the caption, “As usual, Kim Jong Kook oppa is great at taking photos.”

She also zoomed in on Lee Kwang Soo, who had photobombed all three photos from a distance, and playfully wrote, “And in the back, a giraffe who looks like a ghost.”

Kim Jong Kook then took to Instagram to tease Jun So Min right back. After posting a photo of himself taking Jun So Min’s picture with Lee Kwang Soo in the background, he jokingly wrote in Korean, “So Min, get out of the way… I’m photographing Kwang Soo [and not you]…”

Jun So Min later responded by commenting, “Ah….. so that’s how it was…… no wonder. I noticed that even after I’d posed for a long time, you didn’t stop taking photos……”

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