Jang Sung Kyu Unexpectedly Runs Into Suho And Receives Offer To Be EXO’s Manager For A Day


Jang Sung Kyu was lucky enough to run into EXO’s Suho at the gas station!

During the November 29 broadcast of Workman, the YouTube channel where Jang Sung Kyu takes on a part-time job for a day, he coincidentally spotted the idol while working as an employee at a gas station.

One driver, who turned out to be EXO’s manager, requested Jang Sung Kyu to fill up his gas tank with diesel. Suddenly, the producing director (PD) excitedly pointed out Suho who was sitting in the passenger seat. Jang Sung Kyu happily shook his hand, and Suho asked if he was doing a part-time job. Jang Sung Kyu explained he was filming for Workman, and Suho revealed that he and his fellow members watch the YouTube channel. Jang Sung Kyu gratefully responded, “I know. I heard Chanyeol and Sehun really like it a lot.”

After taking a picture with Suho, Jang Sung Kyu shared it was the first time he met a celebrity during a part-time job. Then Jang Sung Kyu asked if SM treats their employees well, and Suho offered, “Do you want to be our manager for a day?” Jang Sung Kyu appeared shocked and the PD excitedly asked, “Can we really come over?” Suho willingly replied, “Sure,” and even his manager added, “Yes, you can come over.”

Jang Sung Kyu posted the photo with Suho on his Instagram account along with the words, “While working at a gas station, I met someone from the Hallyu wave. Will I really be able to work part-time as EXO’s manager?”

Do you think it would be fun if Jang Sung Kyu was EXO’s manager for the day?

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