IZ*ONE Members Once Actually Said Someone Else Other Than Jang WonYoung Should Be Center


The center position of any girl group is one that is highly sought after by K-Pop idols.

Center positioned idols symbolize leadership, charisma, and in most cases the most beautiful visuals. So it’s no wonder that Jang WonYoung is the current center position of girl group IZ*ONE. 

But also at the same time, we have to ask ourselves, aren’t all the members of IZ*ONE beautiful? They sure are and each possess their individual strengths that complement other members’ as well. They all seem to have qualities of a center position so it must have been a dilemma for the judges of Produce 48 when it came to choosing which one of them would end up standing in the center.

During an interview with SBS, the members of IZ*ONE were asked to point to the member who most deserved the position of the center position of their group.

Pretty much the entire group pointed to Kim MinJoo, while Kim MinJoo herself pointed towards Jang WonYoung.

You can check out the past interview below!

[embedded content]

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