Idols Who Were Unrecognizable After Going On A Diet


Besides makeup and plastic surgery, some of the most stereotyped methods of altering looks within the K-Pop scene, another way that idols resort to in order to achieve their amazing visuals is by going on a diet.

Sure, it takes a lot of time, money, and will power, but the effect that it has is profound and if done properly, it can also help maintain one’s health as well.

Over the years, we’ve seen a few idols who have managed to become almost completely different people by going on extreme diets.

Below are a few examples.

UmJi (GFriend)

Fans were amazed by how she was able to lose a lot of her baby fat that defined her cute and chubby image when she first debuted. As time progressed, she seems to have really put her mind into losing it to acquire slimmer facial features.




Her facial features began to gradually become slimmer comeback after comeback. As you can see, her jawline looks slimmer than how it looked during her earlier days.



Mina (Gugudan)

How she looks now and how she looked when she first appeared in Produce 101 are almost visual identities of two different people.

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