How To Take A Good Instagram Picture According To Ong SeongWu Feat. ASTRO’s MoonBin


Ong SeongWu and ASTRO‘s MoonBin are from the same entertainment company FANTAGIO and the two boys starred in the drama “At Eighteen“. They are quite close.

On the behind-the-scene of the drama, Ong SeongWu and MoonBin were taking pictures for each other.

When it was his turn, Ong SeongWu tried his best to take pictures for MoonBin. He made some suggestions such as “stay the most natural as possible” and even took the picture kneeling down. MoonBin was also posing with his utmost efforts.

ong seungwu, moonbin, ong seungwu moonbin

Online Community

According to Ong SeongWu, he took the picture so that it will be popular on Instagram with its emotions. MoonBin was having high expectations for the picture.

However, from the moment he checked the picture, he burst into laughter and asked what was this picture in disbelief. Ong SeongWu assured that it looks cool.

ong seungwu, moonbin, ong seungwu moonbin

Online Community

Here is the picture.

ong seungwu, moonbin, ong seungwu moonbin

ASTRO Official

MoonBin later posted the picture on ASTRO official twitter.

Needless to mention that AROHA were surprised by the picture and could not help but laugh.

Do you also find this interaction hilarious? Do you find that it is a good Instagram picture?

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