How CL Reacted After Seeing Taeyang With A Goatee


BIGBANG member Taeyang with a goatee?

If you’ve ever wondered how the K-Pop idol would look like with one, you now have your answer as he recently uploaded a selfie with a bit of facial hair.

The captions read:

“Mature Bae”. Oh YoungBae (Taeyang’s birth name) you never fail to amuse us. Former YG Entertainment K-Pop idol queen CL responded to Taeyang’s post and made it clear that she wasn’t digging the new look.

She told him:

“This is not it!!!! Delete it!!!”

Of course, Taeyang was just playing around with a camera filter and didn’t actually get a goatee.

You can check it out below!

taeyang snapchat


taeyang snapchat



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