G.O Meets Up With MBLAQ Members To Deliver Wedding Invites


G.O and his fellow MBLAQ members had a mini reunion!

On September 20, G.O posted a photo of himself with Seungho and Mir on his Instagram. In the caption, he wrote, “To think the day I would be giving you guys wedding invitations has come… It was really nice to chat after so long! The thing I still regret is that we should have grumbled less and worked harder back then. That way, we could’ve had more fun working, haha.”

He concluded, “Anyway, our Mir is still in his 20s like the true youngest member, and Seungho has safely and coolly finished his military service. Let’s continue to work hard!” G.O also added in the hashtags, “It’s almost MBLAQ’s 10th anniversary.”

G.O and his girlfriend Choi Ye Seul will be getting married at the end of September.

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