f(x)’s Victoria Shares Message About Malicious Comments And Social Media


October 17, after posting a farewell message to Sulli on her Instagram, f(x)’s Victoria left a message for netizens on her Weibo account regarding malicious comments. (Note: the quotes below have been translated from a Korean translation of the original Chinese post.)

She said, “Since when have Weibo, WeChat, and Instagram become the rulers? The rulers by which we measure ethics, people’s relationships, emotions, anything that people wish to measure. A public platform is a place where you can share things with others. When did it become a place to put on a show? You can post if you want, and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. There is no empathy, just yourself.”

“If you want to see a show, then shout. If you want to create rumors, keep at it. I’m not extraordinary. I just want to live my life more grounded in reality than the people leaving comments.”

She continued, talking about comments that always include phrases like, “I heard from someone,” “It’s likely that,” and “I think.” She said, “Don’t speculate. If you have time to come up with a story, what do you think about spending that time doing something more meaningful? Please don’t let [commenting and social media] become your life. You can’t find your identity in a world that’s made up of falsehoods. People need to take walks through reality. Please don’t waste your time.”

“Please don’t tell others what they need to do with their lives. Even well-intentioned advice has its boundaries. Don’t overstep. What right do you have to tell a stranger to do this, or don’t do that, when your own life is a wreck? Everyone’s life is different and unique. Who has the right to tell someone else how to live?”

Closing, Victoria said, “Focus on your own life. Live in the present. If you live with a kind heart, that is enough.”

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