Former Wonder Girls Member Hyelim Shows Support For AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk’s New Novel


Former Wonder Girls member Hyelim showed love for AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk’s first foray into writing!

On October 11, Hyelim took to Instagram to show support for Lee Chan Hyuk’s newly published novel “Fish Meets Water” (literal title) after hosting a special book event earlier that day.

The former idol shared a photo that she had snapped with Lee Chan Hyuk backstage and wrote, “I strongly recommend this novel! Good luck to ‘Fish Meets Water’ and Akdong Musician!!”

She went on to add, “Thank you to everyone who came today! Please get home safe!”

Later, when a fan commented on the post, “Whoa, I bought Chan Hyuk’s novel!!!! hehe, I’m so happy to see it here on your Instagram,” Hyelim responded, “The cover is pretty, the writing is pretty, it’s all pretty, isn’t it?”

Lee Chan Hyuk’s first novel “Fish Meets Water,” which is connected to AKMU’s new album “SAILING,” provides insight into his life values and his perspective on the arts. The book was officially released on September 26.

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