Experience the ‘Side Effects’ with Stray Kids new mv!


Experience the ‘Side Effects’ with Stray Kids new mv!

Stray Kids are back and attacking our stereos with their new sound! With extra back up dancers, hard hitting beat and dance moves they continue to show us what they got.

Stray Kids have dropped their MV to ‘Side Effects’ which is the title track of their new mini-album ‘Clé 2 Yellow Wood‘. With a new banger styled beat and disoriented MV, Stray Kids take you on the road and have you experience the ‘Side Effects’!

Starting off happy and bubbly walking with their luggage, then showing the members on a safari type truck travelling through paddocks, but it comes ticking a dead end. Then it shows two members in a disagreement as one member seems to be taking a photo after realising the dead end, and the other members try to break it up, they then seem to head back on the road ending up in a dark different world.

Throughout the MV the members show off their moves and the MV comes to an end by the members coming together again, it also shows a key stuck in a puddle and ends with the words “Stray Kids everywhere all around the world, You make Stray Kids Stay.” Check our their new MV below!

[embedded content]

Also check out their Performance Video!

[embedded content]

What are your thoughts on Stray Kids new MV ‘Side Effects’ and performance video? Let us know in the comments below!

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