EXID sound amazing in ‘ME&YOU’ highlight medley + new teaser photo


EXID sound amazing in ‘ME&YOU’ highlight medley + new teaser photo

EXID have released more teasers for their comeback with ‘ME&YOU‘! The group have released their highlight medley and a new teaser photo.

The group will be coming back soon on the 15th of May.

Check out the teasers below!

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The first song on the album is the title track ‘ME&YOU‘. It is a groovy and upbeat song that has a dark sort of sexy feeling to it. The second track is ‘We Are..‘ which is more sweet and seems to be a song that reminisces an old love. Next is ‘아끼지마‘ (literal translation “Don’t Cherish It”) which is a slower and more sexy song. ‘어떡해지내‘ (literal translation “How Are You Doing”) and ‘나의밤‘ (literal translation “My Night”) are both easy to listen to with groovy beats. The final track excluding the instrumental of ‘ME&YOU‘ is ‘내일해‘ (‘Lady‘)(Urban Mix) which fans will probably be somewhat familiar with.

The EXID girls look classy and sophisticated in the image. They all wear a white dress except for Jeonghwa who wears a beautiful green dress. Solji also does not wear her heels which contrasts with the rest of the members.

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