Eun Ji Won Talk’s About Song Mino’s Artistry, His Unique Sleeping Habit, And More


On July 11, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won guested in KBS Cool FM’s “Yoon Jung Soo and Nam Chang Hee’s Mr. Radio”!

During the radio broadcast, Eun Ji Won shared, “Song Mino made ‘I’m On Fire.’ I used to always work alone, but after moving companies, I got to work together with different producers. The producers there made the perfect song for me. I was very grateful [for them], and Song Mino is one of them.”

Furthermore, Eun Ji Won was asked, “Since Kang’s Kitchen is a big hit, do you have any thoughts of managing a restaurant of your own?” He replied honestly, “Even if I do [start a restaurant], I won’t manage it on my own. It’s too difficult.” Eun Ji Won added, “Now when I go to a restaurant, I can’t ask them to bring me anything. It’s better for me to go to the kitchen myself to get dishes and side dishes; I can’t bring myself to ask for it.”

Eun Ji Won also talked about his new variety program with Kim Jong Min. He shared, “While it’s not to the extent of going down to the countryside to become farmers, we’re getting a house in the countryside to live in for one year.” He added, “I almost cursed because of Kim Jong Min,” building curiosity for the show.

The SECHSKIES member shared, “When the production team asked what we wanted to do in the countryside, Kim Jong Min mentioned beekeeping, and I thought, ‘What beekeeping?’” Nam Chang Hee asked, “So will you two appear with bees all over your bodies then?” and Eun Ji Won replied, “Kim Jong Min is the one who mentioned beekeeping. I’m not going to do it.”

Yoon Jung Soo also touched upon Eun Ji Won’s sleeping habits by asking, “Are you getting along well with Kim Jong Min? I’ve slept in the same place with Eun Ji Won on a variety show in the past… and it’s not easy.” Eun Ji Won replied, “My sleeping habit is unique. I sleep sitting up with my eyes open. I sleep talk very clearly and accurately. During ‘2 Days & 1 Night,’ I was sleeping while sitting up, but the production team wrote, ‘Eun Ji Won who has awoken from sleep,’ as the caption many times.”

Finally, at the question of who he also thought was a unique person, Eun Ji Won chose Song Mino while explaining, “I don’t know at all what he’s thinking. His inner mind is an art in itself. He also draws really well. I’m really unique, but he’s also a very unique and cool friend.”

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