Dreamcatcher Beckons Fans In Europe For “Invitation From Nightmare City” Tour



By  | August 26, 2019

InSomnias in Europe, Dreamcatcher has sent out their cordial “Invitation From Nightmare City” to you!

Dreamcatcher has sent out their formal invitation for their lovely InSomnias to join them in the European leg of their world tour!

The hauntingly amazing girl group is preparing for their return to the Europe as part of their fifth over-all overseas tour!

Named DREAMCATCHER CONCERT : Invitation from Nightmare City, the tour will bring JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong, and Gahyeon to another meeting with their European fans for the second time since they debuted in 201u.

Following the success of 2018 DREAMCATCHER 1ST TOUR “FLY HIGH” IN EUROPE in February 2018, the ever-dedicated InSomnias have decided to bring the group to the continent once again through MyMusicTaste, an online service that allows fans to request their favorite bands to their cities. Through this tour, they will be visiting a total of seven cities, with five cities that they will revisit.

Kicking off in London on October 24, the septet will reunite with their long-awaited fans across the continent with a show in ULU Love.

They will then storm Milan’s Magazzini Generali on October 27 with a captivating showcase, followed by another equally dazzling concert on October 30 at Kesselhaus in Berlin.

The septet will open the month of November with a show on its first day at the Palladium in Warsaw. It will then be followed by a show filled with love on November 3 in Paris’ Élysée Montmartre.

The girl group will then cast their dreamy spell to fans in 11/5 at the Melkweg on November 5. Finally, they will wrap up their tour’s European leg at the Nosturi in Helsinki on November 7.

Tickets will go on sale on September 2 at 11:00 local time. As a special treat, fans who requested Dreamcatcher in those seven cities through MyMusicTaste will have access to a 20% discount.

Further information on the tour and ticket purchase can be found through Dreamcatcher’s European leg event page, as well as other social media channels of MyMusicTaste.

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Source: MyMusicTaste

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