Double Eyelids On K-Pop Idols With No Double Eyelids


While K-Pop visuals usually tended to have only idols with double-eyelids back in the earlier days, the latest trend seems to be idols who have amazing visuals without double-eyelids.

And we’re sure a lot of K-Pop idols come to mind when dealing with this subject as most of them have been trending as the number one idols within South Korea based on the brand reputation index data.

Below are how a few K-Pop idols without double eyelids would look like if they underwent blepharoplasty.

SeulGi (Red Velvet)

red velvet seulgi



bts v


SungJae (BTOB)

btob sungjae


JiMin (BTS)

bts jimin


Ong SeongWu

ong seongwu


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