Donghyun Of Boyfriend Signs Contract With SidusHQ


Former Boyfriend member Donghyun has signed an exclusive contract with SidusHQ.

On October 21, a source from SidusHQ said, “We’re happy we became a new family with Donghyun, who showed a responsible, warm personality as a group leader and has infinite potential and passion about acting. He’s an actor with global capabilities who is already active in Japan and Taiwan, so we’re looking forward to his future. We plan to give him our full support as his assistant, so please look forward to it.”

Donghyun also posted about his decision on Instagram. He wrote, “Hello. This is Donghyun. After debuting as a leader of Boyfriend in 2011, I spent my joyful 20s with the Starship family and precious fans. While I was thinking about my future activities, I decided to join SidusHQ after making a good connection. Please look forward to good appearances and various activities. Thank you for always supporting me and worrying about me.”

Donghyun debuted as the leader of Boyfriend in 2011, and after several years together the group disbanded in May. He has appeared in various musicals in Korea and Japan including “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.” He branched out as an actor by starring in web dramas such as “The Miracle” (literal title) and “Good Morning Double-Decker Bus” (literal title).

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